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VENOM 30mm

  • Graeme Clarke
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The development of the VENOM 30mm revolver cannon is now well underway at AEI Systems with Valhalla’s ‘Asgard’ universal crew served vehicle turret as the first installation.

VENOM is being developed in two versions. The VENOM ‘A’ will be for crew served mounts and the VENOM ‘B’ will be for remote mounts including RCWS and naval stabilised arrangements.

VENOM is programmed for initial UK testing in September 2018 followed by in-country Asgard turret firing trials in December 2018.

Valhalla’s Asgard turret with VENOM installed, together with a standalone VENOM A, will be on display at Eurosatory 2018 on Valhalla’s stand in the Slovenia Pavilion.

VENOM B is being developed as a follow-on to VENOM A and first installation will be in Valhalla’s own remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) with a planned development completion of mid-2019.

VENOM will be a highly cost-effective 30 x 113mm surface gun solution.

Further updates will follow shortly.

Author: Graeme Clarke