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VENOM_30mm Crew Served Naval Mounts ANF1 7.62mm VENOM_30mm GPMG Bufferd mount Crew Served Naval Mounts GPMG 7.62mm VENOM_30mm Crew Served Naval Mounts M2 HMG 12.7mm VENOM_30mm AE20-NM Crew served naval mounts AE20-NM

Naval Weapon Mounts

AEI provide weapon mounting solutions for the following

ANF17.62 mm
GPMG7.62 mm
M2 HMG12.7 mm
AEI-HS80420 x 110 mm
ALEXIS20 x 102 mm
VENOM30 x 113 mm
VENOM LR30 x 113 mm
INSPEKTA30 x 173 mm

The AEI Soft mount absorbs much of the considerable recoil energy thus allowing quicker target acquisition and improved accuracy.